za.Accelerate -
Accelerating Digital Growth & Innovation

Innovation is everywhere and is the driving force that pushes societies into the future where new ideas are increasingly becoming the nucleus of economic prosperity. The most dynamic industrial district in the world, Silicon Valley, has become a leading hub and startup ecosystem for innovation and scientific development. Since the 1980s, entrepreneurs have been a crucial factor in changing how we communicate, work and live our lives. Disruptions have occurred by new companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, and Alibaba all dominating the online marketplace.

za.ACCELERATE is all about developing business leaders of today and tomorrow through digital disruption. Digitalization, leadership, and creative thinking are fundamentals for successful companies graduating from the Accelerator.

za.ACCELERATE will strive to bring together startups with business investors all under one roof. More importantly, za.ACCELERATE will be key in promoting an innovation-based economy in the much-needed Klipfontein Corridor.

Vision Statement

za.ACCELERATE will provide a dynamic platform of economic diversification that will support and promote small and medium
enterprises in an inclusive, accessible, open, safe, and well-equipped physical and online space to break the barriers that hinder entrepreneurial growth for a digital and innovative-based economy.

Mission Statement

To create a community that empowers the development and growth of entrepreneurs, especially women and youth to actively
participate in the economic value chain as outlined in the SMME Action Plan for a digital economy. In addition, creating more job opportunities in the private sector aligned with the NISED master plan and the NDP 2030.

Benefits of Our Solution

Greater impact

Greater Impact on businesses and entrepreneurs

Greater impact

Greater Impact on businesses and entrepreneurs by establishing an online virtual community for skills, mentoring and innovation.

AI-based personalised guidance

AI-based personalised guidance with ...

AI-based personalised guidance

AI-based personalised guidance with appropriate recommendations linked to learning pathway- making people and organisations effective.

Demand-driven online courses

Deliver demand-driven online courses with ...

Demand-driven online courses

Deliver demand-driven online courses with digital certification on successful completion of courses to thousands of users regardless of physical location.

Peer networking

Foster peer networking and access to ...

Peer networking

Foster peer networking and access to industry experts thus building a professional member’s community.

Our Proposed Timeline

The future is digital and the COVID-19 global pandemic accelerated this transformation. No job across every industry is exempt from digitalization. Already, we are witnessing assembling-line employees working side-by-side with autonomous robots, telecom equipment installers interacting with connected vehicles and GPS routing, retail workers are filing online orders for in-store pickup and taking payments from IoT devices, and healthcare workers see patients using video conferencing and keeping electronic health records.

The rate of digital transformation due to the pandemic lockdowns was substantial and companies will continue to move forward with
digitalization at an accelerated pace. Across industries, businesses are evolving in spite of the unplanned change to remote work requirements and increased broadband use is just one indicator. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, as the adoption of technology increases.

The National Development Plan (NDP) recognizes that the labour market of South Africa needs to be responsive to the challenge of simultaneously expanding employment opportunities, raising living standards, and reducing inequality. The National Integrated Small Enterprise Development (NiSED) master plan aims to respond to this challenge and the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) recently issued a call for the establishment of Township Incubator/Accelerator and Digital Hubs.

Today, innovation and entrepreneurship have become the prime drivers of economic growth for an innovation-based economy. A key measure is the establishment of technology-driven incubators/accelerators to nurture nascent ventures by providing counseling and facilitation services together with smart workshops and share office facilities.

The government, the private sector, venture capital, and communities each have special roles to place in stimulating the venture creation process. Most successful incubation/accelerator arrangements in the world especially in China, Brazil, and India have been customized to the local conditions and culture. The performance of these arrangements has been enhanced through benchmarking and continuous learning. With more than 3 500 incubators worldwide today the establishment of a virtual World Incubation Network is underway.

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